For over 40 years, Jeff Cooper has been delivering quality, service and speed that’s unparalleled. . Jeff’s journey began in Manhattan’s first “Diamond District”, located downtown in the Bowery, working at the jewelers bench crafting each item he envisioned by hand. He eventually expanded into sales, traveling extensively getting his finger on the pulse of the jewelry industry eventually founded his own company in 1976, and has since been awarded by several institutions including PGI’s “Platinum Designer of the Year”. Endless dedication, designing and creating his line of fine jewelry as well as cultivating his relationships with fine retailers nationwide. Working in Platinum, Gold and Diamonds, Jeff’s designs are clean, elegant and simple, with a focus on classics that never go out of style, and building assortments for retailers that optimized their unique market circumstances and maximize their investment.

Refined Simplicity

Each Jeff Cooper piece is handmade to order. No ring leaves the Jeff Cooper workshop without being personally inspected by Jeff Cooper. That attention to detail and unbridled dedication to the craft is what sets Jeff Cooper Designs apart from any other Bridal jewelry company.

Each ring that carries the Jeff Cooper brand name exhibits refined simplicity, a concept that is now engrained in the brand heritage and in the company's meticulous workmanship.