When Will I Get to Flaunt My Engagement Ring?

Diamond Love Happy Couple Engagement Hugging Ring

OMG!  Another one of my friend’s engaged.It’s happening again!And here I am still dying to post my engagement ring on FB … that’s if Jay, the love of my life, would only pop the question! I can just picture our wedding … I want so much for my dream to come true! I want it to be perfect with the perfect ring!! I wonder if Jay knows what I want. Maybe he needs just a little hint!  So listen up, Jay and all you guys out there who want to get your girl the perfect ring.

  • Pick up on your girlfriend’s jewelry talk. Pay attention when she comments on her friend’s ring. Try to get to know what stones she likes, the style, cut—whether she’s a gold girl or platinum girl. You might even want take a look at her inspiration board. Homework before you actually buy her an engagement ring will help make sure you get the ring of her dreams.


  • Talk to other guys who have been there.  It never hurts to get a little help from a friend who can give you some valuable insights into buying an engagement ring. Just sharing the experience can help put you at ease. Some men are private but believe me, this is just too big a deal to make a decision on your own.


  • Talk to her friends. Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You don’t want to get it wrong. Talking to her close friends will help you zero in on the right choice.


  • Learn the 4C’s of diamonds – carat, cut, clarity and color. Take a little time to study how they differ in brilliance and budget. You can even customize your ring to make it totally special. Engagement rings will be expensive!  So start saving up!


Oh..oh, I’ve got to get out of my dream world and get ready for our dinner plans tonight. With or without the ring I still want to be the prettiest girl in town. Do you think tonight’s the night I’ll get to flaunt my ring?


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